Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Gems!

The idea of two girls was overwhelming me! All I could think of was the drama, the hormones, the fights over clothes, friends, and boys. How would we ever handle two girls? I felt guilty for feeling more overwhelmed than excited but I couldn't help but worry about how things would be. Then I got a text from my sweet BL sister Hannah after she found out that said, "Aaah!! Sisters!" and I realized that any drama that may come attached with having two girls so close in age will all be worth it because they'll be sisters! There are very few relationships more special and important in this life than that of sisters.  I have five sisters and they are my very best friends. Our girls will always have each other and I wouldn't change having two girls even if I could. I couldn't be more excited!

Time started disappearing and our first baby's due date was getting closer. Jason and I had decided we wanted to name her Jade shortly after we found out she was a girl. We have both loved that name independently of each other since before we got married, so it wasn't a hard choice. There were actually no other girl names in the running so when we found out that I am also carrying a girl we were stumped with no names in mind whatsoever. My friends and I met up with our husbands after the ultrasound when we found out I was having a girl, too, and we started talking about names. Since Jade is a gemstone we joked about naming her after a stone as well. It was amusing to us as we listed off stones and laughed at how funny they would be as names. One friend said, "you could name her Diamond! Haha, or Sapphire!" We all laughed and then another said, "or Amethyst. Hahaha! Or Ruby!"

Ruby...hmm... Ruby! I like it! I have a great aunt Ruby who I respect and love so much and would love to keep her name in the family. I stopped our game by saying, "Wait! I actually kind of like the name Ruby." Jason perked up and said, "I love it!" I was surprised at how animated and excited he was. He said he used to tutor a couple little girls and the younger of the two sisters was named Ruby, who was super cute, so it left a good taste in his mouth. Plus he agreed that she would be lucky to be named after such a saint like Aunt Ruby. So that's how we decided on the name Ruby. What started out as a joke to name them both after gemstones turned real, and even though Ruby isn't even here with us yet both of their names are so fitting. I'm not sure if anyone cared to know about their names but you got the story regardless.

I had waited a long time to even let myself think and get excited about a nursery, but it was finally time! For help I called on my dear friend Heather, who is not only one of my closest friends but also creative master and face behind Whipperberry, one of the greatest creative blogs out there. My style for a baby girls nursery is far from the traditional pinks, pastels, princesses, etc. so here's what we came up with. Well, you get to see one side of the room anyway. I have been lazy and haven't taken any pictures of the whole thing yet. I will.... some day I will.

I felt like if I got the nursery ready, clothes washed, diapers stocked and every baby thing I could think of readily available then I would feel prepared to have a baby join us. Who was I kidding? Everything was ready except for me. I had no idea what to do with a baby! Everyone says it just comes naturally when you become a mother but what if it didn't for me? I mean, was there something that came with giving birth to your child that allowed those natural instincts to kick in? I wasn't giving birth to my child   so was I going to miss out on that? I prayed that wouldn't be the case and tried to stay calm and relaxed but again, who was I kidding? I was freaking out.

Jason and I both went with Bailey to her last doctor's appointment and we were all surprised when they did an ultrasound! We were excited to get to see this cute little face and wondered if it's what she would really look like. For the record, she does this grimace all the time!  

The doctor scheduled Bailey to be induced that coming Sunday, June 24th. That was Jason's 30th birthday and it was three days away. THREE DAYS! I spent the next three days biting my nails down to little stubs. Each hour felt like a year and it was hard to believe that Sunday would ever come. But guess what? It came.


  1. Sarah, thank you for sharing your story. I love seeing God's hand over everything that's happened. I had to laugh that you were worried about having two girls, because I went through similar thoughts when my children were small. I remember thinking I will have 3 TEENAGERS at one time someday...what have we done? Well that part of life is here, and it's wonderful to see God's hand throughout their lives. And, like you said, they are sisters. Can't tell you how many times I find them together in one bedroom talking at night when they should be sleeping...such secrets to share


  2. I loved reading about how Ruby became Ruby! That is awesome to keep the name in the family!! :) I'm so beyond happy for you, I loved watching you on BL but i love reading your blog even more, I totally cry at times too because it is just so awesome and sweet!! :) I love their nursery, it is super cute!!

  3. Sarah, I don't know you and you don't know me but I loved watching you on BL! Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is so exciting to read about your experience and the blessings coming your way. I love it! It gives me hope. I too struggle with infertility, and whether or not Adoption is right for us. We've been married 7 years, and at 35 i'm not getting any younger. It's a tough road, and I appreciate those who have been on the same road and who know first hand the emotion and heartache that comes with it. Joy plays in there as well and I feel that joy for you and Jason welcoming these two lovely ladies into your lives. Congratulations!!!

  4. I love the name story. I decided I had to have flowers in both my girl's names, so I'm totally with you on the gems! Just FYI, I'm a friend of Heather's.

  5. Sarah, is this working?

  6. Oh it is...I've had such bad luck with these things. Sarah you are so you know. I love following your story. It is absolutely amazing! Becoming a mother is one of the greatest transformations one can go through. My little Willow is 6 months old now so I now have a great appreciation and understanding for motherhood, childhood, and babyhood. I'm thinking of you and wishing you all the best. What a journey.

    Much love, Sarah Cipolla (Ostrenga)